LIMDEP 11 is a complete, all-in-one statistics package

LIMDEP and NLOGIT Software: Your Choice for Statistical Analysis

Powerful Econometric and Statistical Modeling Tools

LIMDEP and NLOGIT are powerful econometric and statistical software packages. With an integrated set of modeling tools, you can trust LIMDEP and NLOGIT to provide fast and reliable statistical and data analysis solutions.

For Researchers in All Disciplines

Researchers in universities, government and nonprofit institutions, and businesses around the world have relied on LIMDEP and NLOGIT for consistently up to date and innovative econometric and statistical modeling tools. You’ll find us in applications in banking, government regulatory authorities, official statistics bureaus, public planning authorities, at central banks around the world, public utility authorities, marketing research institutes, agricultural authorities, automotive companies, social research departments, medical research institutes, and thousands of other diverse private, government, and educational sites where powerful modeling tools are used. Let LIMDEP and NLOGIT make an impact on your organization.