LIMDEP 11 Statistical Software Package

LIMDEP: Superior Statistical Analysis Software

Complete Statistics and Econometrics Package

LIMDEP is a complete econometrics and statistics software package. You don’t need add-ons or modules for your statistical analysis. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use interface with comprehensive and intuitive desktop menus and a self-documenting command language
  • Get started quickly with our specialized menu-driven command builders that allow you to build your models from menus and dialogs while you learn the command language
  • Use LIMDEP’s powerful command language to customize your analysis and maximize flexibility
  • Enhanced post-estimation tools allow you to manipulate your estimation results

LIMDEP 11 is a complete, all-in-one statistics package

LIMDEP 11 offers hundreds of built-in statistical programs

Hundreds of Built-In Statistical Programs

With over 200 built-in estimators, you can analyze:

  • Linear regression
  • Nonlinear regression
  • Logit and probit
  • Loglinear models
  • Panel data
  • Ordered choice
  • Stochastic frontier and DEA
  • Discrete choice and multinomial logit
  • Sample selection
  • Treatment effects
  • Count data including Poisson and negative binomial

and much more

Extensive Data Management and Graphics Tools

Enhanced graphics features include:

  • Scatter plots and multiple scatter plots
  • Residual plots for linear regression
  • Hazard and survival functions
  • Histograms
  • Kernel density plots
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Normal-quantile plots

LIMDEP 11 includes extensive data management and graphics tools

Decades of Expertise

Econometric Software, Inc. has produced the world’s most recognized solutions to analysis of cross section and panel data for over 25 years. We have provided tools for students and researchers in universities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private industry throughout the world. ESI has been a consistent innovator of frontier techniques in econometric and statistical analysis including pioneering techniques in panel data analysis, frontier and efficiency estimation and multinomial logistic regression.

You’ll find us in applications in banking, government regulatory authorities, official statistics bureaus, public planning authorities, at central banks around the world, public utility authorities, marketing research institutes, agricultural authorities, automotive companies, social research departments, medical research institutes, and thousands of other diverse private, government, and educational sites where powerful modeling tools are used. Let LIMDEP and NLOGIT make an impact on your organization.