Statistics & Graphics: Graphics Tools

Scatter Diagrams

  • Line styles
  • Specify ranges on axes
  • Titles and labels
  • Include linear regression line

This is a plot of gasoline expenditure against per capita income for the U.S. economy from 1953 - 2004, with the linear regression plotted with the scatter


  • Discrete or continuous data
  • Specify bins, proportions or intervals
  • Stratify by group
  • Multiple simultaneous histograms

Graphical Displays

  • Kernel density plot
  • Matrix of scatter plots
  • Line plots for time series
  • Multiple time series plots
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Residual plots (against observation, time or other variables)
  • User specified function plots
  • Plot predictions from time series models
  • Normal quantile plots
  • Survival and hazard function plots
  • Bubble plots
  • ROC curve for binary choice models
Scatter diagram with regression using LIMDEP or NLOGIT
Histogram stratified by group using LIMDEP or NLOGIT
Multiple kernel density estimators using LIMDEP or NLOGIT