LIMDEP provides a wide range of estimators for discrete choice modeling including many specifications of binary choice models, multinomial choice, ordered choice and the widest selection of models for count data in any package.

Binary Choice

  • Probit and logit models
  • Bivariate probit models
  • Multivariate probit model
  • Partial observability
  • Sample selection

Multinomial (Logit) Choice Models

  • Random effects and random ultility models
  • Random regret
  • Latent class models

Ordered Choice Models

  • Bivariate ordered choice models
  • Sample selection models
  • Generalized ordered probit and logit models
  • Specifications for hierarchical models
  • Zero inflated ordered choice

Count Data Models

  • Specifications for censoring, truncation, and underreporting
  • Zero inflation and negative binomial (NB1, NB2, NBP, NBX)
  • Generalized Poisson
  • Gamma model
  • Quantile Poisson regression

Panel Data Models


  • Specification analysis
  • Heteroscedasticity
  • Robust inference tools
  • Lagrange multiplier, likelihood and Wald tests
  • Model simulator for binary choice models
  • Matching and propensity score analysis
  • Average partial effects
  • Partial effects for interactions
  • Model simulation and prediction


  • Numerous fit measures
  • Test statistics for specifications
  • Partial effects for all models
  • Interaction terms in model specification