LIMDEP and NLOGIT Student Statistical Software

Student Statistical Software for LIMDEP and NLOGIT

LIMDEP and NLOGIT are complete statistical software packages used by faculty and students for fundamental econometric and statistical methods as well as complex modeling. LIMDEP and NLOGIT's innovative tools and core techniques provide the right building blocks for sophisticated statistical analysis. User-friendly command builders and sample data sets facilitate learning. The new student versions introduce all the tools and capabilities used by professional researchers and help prepare students for professional careers where statistical tools are widely used for research and analysis.

Affordable Full Featured Student Versions for Lease

The student version is available for a 12 month lease. The student version provides the full program capabilities with limited data capacity of 99 variables and 1,500 observations. Get started now with easy-to-use command builders and sample data sets.

A student license is for academic use by one full-time student enrolled in an accredited degree granting program. A student license may not be shared by multiple users or installed on a network, in a computer laboratory or on a public access computer. Verification of student status may be required. The student license may not be used for business, government, consulting and revenue-generating purposes.