Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan Benefits

When you purchase a maintenance plan, you will automatically be sent free updates to new versions when released during your maintenance period. You are guaranteed to receive updates and new versions at no additional cost when they become available. You will always have the latest version of software with the newest features and enhancements.

A maintenance plan makes it easy to budget for future expenses. No additional costs are incurred for updates and new versions as they are covered under the maintenance term.

With a maintenance plan, you have the option to add additional users or installations to your license at the current incremental site license price.

With a maintenance plan, site members are eligible to receive deep discounts on single user licenses for home and off-site use.

Maintenance Term

Maintenance plan fees are yearly fees and are in addition to your site license price. The maintenance plan may only be purchased at the same time as your site license

The maintenance plan covers a one year period from the date of purchase. You will receive all the benefits outlined above for this one year period.

You must renew your maintenance plan every year to receive free updates and other maintenance plan benefits. You will receive an invoice before your maintenance expiration date with the option to renew your maintenance plan for an additional year. A maintenance plan must be renewed prior to the expiration date. Once a maintenance plan expires, it may not be renewed.

Maintenance plan prices are subject to change.

Please contact us to order a maintenance plan.