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Our powerful statistical analysis software does the work for you.

LIMDEP and NLOGIT are state-of-the-art statistical software packages trusted worldwide by analytics experts and institutions for over 25 years. They provide easy-to-use, flexible and extensive statistical solutions for all your data analysis applications.

Use LIMDEP and NLOGIT statistical software to manage your data

LIMDEP and NLOGIT are right for you!

LIMDEP and NLOGIT are the choice of those who demand the very best. You’ll find us in universities, government, nonprofit and private industries around the world.

LIMDEP and NLOGIT Statistical Software are used at universities


 LIMDEP and NLOGIT Statistical Software are used at government/nonprofit agencies

Government and Nonprofit Agencies

 LIMDEP and NLOGIT Statistical Software are used at businesses


LIMDEP and NLOGIT video tutorials
LIMDEP and NLOGIT video tutorials

Our video tutorials on YouTube will show you the basics and how to easily perform various analyses.


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Looking to design and carry out a choice experiment? NLOGIT is used for estimating a wide variety of choice models. For generating stated choice experiment designs, we recommend Ngene by ChoiceMetrics. Ngene is structured specifically to work with NLOGIT.

Econometric Analysis by Dr. William H. Greene, the developer LIMDEP and NLOGIT, ranked 34th with over 48,000 citations in Google Scholar's October 2014 Nature Journal list of the world's 100 all-time most cited works

Applied Choice Analysis, 2nd Edition by David Hensher, John Rose and William Greene, Get the latest techniques in choice analysis, just released, Cambridge University Press