About Econometric Software, Inc.

Econometric Software, Inc. has produced the world’s most recognized solutions to analysis of cross section and panel data for over 25 years.  We have provided tools for students and researchers in universities, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private industry throughout the world.  ESI has been a consistent innovator of frontier techniques in econometric and statistical analysis including pioneering techniques in panel data analysis, frontier and efficiency estimation and multinomial logistic regression.

LIMDEP has developed over many years (since 1980), initially to provide an easy to use tobit estimator - hence the name, ‘LIMited DEPendent variable models.’  It has spun off a major suite of programs for the estimation of discrete choice models.  This program, NLOGIT, builds on the Nested LOGIT model.  NLOGIT has now grown to a self standing superset of LIMDEP.

The accumulated suggestions of many colleagues, students, and users too numerous to thank individually have led to the current software programs. We also update LIMDEP and NLOGIT every few years to incorporate new developments in econometrics and to meet the changing demands of our users. 

Econometric Software was founded nearly thirty years ago by William Greene. Dr. Greene’s hands-on development of LIMDEP and NLOGT has benefited from close interaction and feedback from users and the collaboration of many researchers and colleagues. Dr. David Hensher has been a key contributor in the development of NLOGIT. Since the early 1980s, Econometric Software has grown into a global company with locations in the United States and Australia. ESI will continue to work closely with our customers and economists at the cutting edge of research to ensure that our software programs remain at the forefront of econometrics to meet your changing needs.