Data Description and Graphics: Graphics Tools

Scatter Diagrams

  • Line styles
  • Specify ranges on axes
  • Titles and labels
  • Include linear regression line

This is a plot of gasoline expenditure against per capita income for the U.S. economy from 1953 - 2004, with the linear regression plotted with the scatter


  • Discrete or continuous data
  • Specify bins, proportions or intervals
  • Stratify by group
  • Multiple simultaneous histograms

Graphical Displays

  • Kernel density plot
  • Matrix of scatter plots
  • Line plots for time series
  • Multiple time series plots
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Residual plots (against observation, time or other variables)
  • User specified function plots
  • Plot predictions from time series models
  • Normal quantile plots
  • Survival and hazard function plots
  • Bubble plots
  • ROC curve for binary choice models
Scatter diagram with regression using LIMDEP or NLOGIT
Histogram stratified by group using LIMDEP or NLOGIT
Multiple kernel density estimators using LIMDEP or NLOGIT
Function plot using LIMDEP or NLOGIT