Business Licensing Options

Single User License

  • A single user license is registered to one designated user, and the registered user is the only authorized user.
  • A single user license allows two installations: a primary desktop and a secondary laptop or home computer as long as usage is only by the registered user.
  • A single user license may not be installed on a network, server, public access computer, or in a computing lab.
  • We request the name, department, organization, address and email address of the actual software user for single user license orders.
  • All licenses include PDF documentation. 
  • Technical support is offered only to the registered user of the current version.
  • The license may not be sold or transferred. 
  • The terms of Econometric Software’s End-User License Agreement apply.

Multi-User Department Site License

  • Department site licenses are available for multiple users. The department is a group of users within an organization at a single building location. Software access is for the licensed group and does not include other groups.
  • The licensed group includes the actual software users. An administrative, computing, systems or IT department may not hold the license.
  • There are two installation options, stand-alone or network.

    • Stand-Alone: LIMDEP or NLOGIT may be installed on the specified number of stand-alone computers including organization owned laptops. Home computers are excluded. Every installation is counted.
    • Network: LIMDEP or NLOGIT may be installed on one network server for use within a single building, and the server must monitor the number of simultaneous users. (Remote or virtual access from home and off-site locations is not included.)

  • Multiple locations are not be covered by a single site license.
  • The software is licensed to the site not to individual users. Members of the site may not take LIMDEP or NLOGIT with them or access the software once they leave the organization. Licensed members may not use the software for personal research or update as single users.
  • The license does not include external consultants or affiliated organizations.
  • All licenses include PDF documentation.
  • The software may not be duplicated and distributed.
  • The license may not be sold or transferred.
  • Technical support is available only to current site license members for the current version.
  • The terms of Econometric Software’s End-User License Agreement apply.

If a department license does not meet your organization’s needs, please contact us to discuss broader scope licensing.